Pizza & Pinsa Machinery

Neapolitan, fragrant, high hydration: which one do you prefer?

Everyone likes Pizza, it is a symbol of friendship, sharing, fun, and always evokes the best feelings! Today there are those who appreciate it more and more even in the shovel, for the lightness and fragrance of a genuine mixture that releases all the taste of its dressing. And now Pinsa has also arrived on our tables!


Looking for a Neapolitan-style high edge dough?
You will be amazed by this line!

Our ARTISAN PIZZA LINE is innovative and easy to use. 

Starting from the ball, the entire process is aimed at reproducing with technological systems the yield of a handmade dough. It is a very high-performance line that can amaze you. Based on your production needs, the best solution for you will be designed, and you will have the option of making even the distribution of cheese, tomato or other ingredients automatic. Completing our ARTISAN PIZZA LINE are automated systems for baking or panning. 


Do you start with a thin dough with a laminated or crisp base?
We have just the thing for you!

Our PIZZA LINE combines the steps of laminating, moulding and topping pizza in a small space!

You can produce pizzas of any size and shape (round, oval, square, etc.). You can choose at any time to add accessories such as cheese distributors or sauce or tomato dispensers, automatic panning systems and more depending on how automatic you want to make the process.


Are you ready to innovate and launch yourself into the latest bar and restaurant trends? Pinsa is just the thing for you!

Our PINSA LINE can process high-hydration doughs with the yield of handmade.

It is the innovation of the year and is already enjoying huge success! This line allows you to easily work very hydrated doughs. The bubbles and alveolation typical of this dough is possible thanks to innovative tools that we developed after careful study of the natural movement of the hands in the dough. You will be able to choose whether you wish to automate the entire process or only part of it.


Do you need accessories or spare parts? We offer timely service!

We can supply all the spare parts for our lines, both on new and used machines. You will receive assistance by phone or e-mail at any time by contacting our specialized department.