In the production of machines for the food industry

Established in 1992, with more than 30 years of experience and passion, ALBA equipment has made its way into the food industry by developing increasingly complex and technologically advanced projects, and today has world leadership among companies wishing to choose customized solutions.

In 1982 the founding partners began their experience, dealing with service, repairs, and on-site operations. Later, their passion for the world of the food industry led them to develop new projects, until they made the decision to turn the company into a real manufacturing plant.

The constant interest in customer needs and the desire to innovate has led ALBA equipment to open its horizons by choosing to approach the world of special flours, gluten free and organic / vegan products.

Today ALBA equipment has a worldwide presence providing service and support and is a leading company in the bakery, pastry and pizza equipment market.


Our philosophy

The best technology applied to food automation. Shaping the perfect solution for your product is what we do every day with passion.


Our mission

Develop increasingly cutting-edge projects in the world of bakery, pastry & pizza equipment that maintain the quality of your product and with special focus on raw materials.

Come and visit us!

Discover the world of ALBA equipment!

We organize tests with your dough or demonstration tests at our laboratory. Training in presence or on online platforms is part of the service we offer!

Do you want to see our lines in operation? We organize guided meetings at our partners.

Do you want to create a new product or give your laboratory a makeover? You will be supported by our world-renowned food technologists for a successful strategy.

We have several locations in Italy, North America, Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova.


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