Pastry Machinery

Puff pastry, Danish, yeast dough, gluten free, cereal dough, filled or decorated...what do you prefer? Get inspired, we find the perfect solution!

Our Pastry Machines are extremely versatile and allow you to produce the full range of products you know for pastry.


Do you need support for your manual production? We offer you cutting tables simple to use!


With the CUTTING TABLE you can support your manual production.

CUTTING TABLES come in different dimension, and various accessories are available for cutting puff pastry products, danish pastry or yeast dough.

A small investment that means a big increase!


Do you want to automate all processes or just some of them? We offer you a highly customizable make-up table!

With PETITE LINE you get maximum production output and can easily change the format of your product by adding or changing the tools you choose.

The many accessories available for puff pastry, danish or yeast dough products will enable you to create a line adapted to your production needs with the possibility of easy extension in later stages. When you are ready, you can implement your machine.


Have you ever thought about quick changeover and high customization? We offer you a make-up table that is easy to use and sanitize!

With ALBA LINE you get maximum production output and can easily change the format of your product by adding or changing the tools you choose.

You can request a cutting station with pneumatic pressure control, a variety of pumps and feeders suitable for your filling, decorating and forming accessories including customized ones, trolley loaders or panning systems, and more! All controlled by PLC screen with simple and intuitive touch screen with ability to save your different production programs in memory.



ALBA equipment offers a huge assortment of accessories to complement its make-up tables, to produce a wide variety of products, more or less customized.

Tired of loading everything by hand? Make it easier with an automatic system!

We offer you panning systems and oven loading systems of various types. Mechanical or pneumatic retraction: choose what's right for you together with our technicians.

Each solution we propose will be conceived and designed to best meet your needs and according to your production requirements. Contact us anytime to develop the most suitable design for your laboratory!


We present the wide range of customized depositors and special systems according to your needs.

We can provide different dosing systems for filling your products.
Do you need NEEDLE DEPOSITORS, GEAR PUMPS or ELECTRIC DOSING MACHINES? You are in the right place. Our different systems apply to the range of our lines and are ideal for dosing creamy fillings such as jam, chocolate, and cream but also dense fillings with pieces up to 10 mm in diameter. With variable speed and an automatic anti-drip system, you can get the most out of your production. Cleaning and disassembly are quick and easy.


Seeds, raisins, sugar, salt, spices, oil, cheese, eggs, or anything else? We offer you the distribution system that will change the way you work!

We have a full range of DISTRIBUTORS for make-up tables that will be right for you. These systems are composed of mesh belts and equipped with very high sensitivity in even product distribution. Choose the one suitable for you!


Would you like to request a free trial?

Contact us! We will be happy to schedule our meeting for a free test and advise you on the best solution for your needs.