Bakery Machinery

Baguette, Ciabatta, Carasau, Cracker, Breadsticks, Taralli: what do you prefer?

Bread in all its forms is a food that is never missing from our tables! Our Bakery Machines are custom-designed for you and allow you to process a wide variety of dough types, including gluten-free flours, seed products, and even vegetable-based flours.


Multiple types of bread in the same line? Of course you can!

Our DOUGHVIDER is the solution for you!

You can produce several types of high-quality bread with one line. Individually or as a component of a line, it allows you to achieve the 1,000kg/h of dough. You can process as many types of bread as you like, make cuts of different sizes automatically without producing waste, and with the weighing system you get great precision while maintaining the delicacy of manual work.

Do you want to maintain the yield of the artisan Ciabatta but speed up processes? Choose our lines!

Our CIABATTA EASY line is ideal for ciabatta bread of various sizes, highly hydrated doughs, as well as artisan baguettes.

The average output is 600 kg/h and you can choose which parts of the process to automate. In addition, our loading systems are designed to simulate the manual process.


Do you need accessories or spare parts? We offer timely service!

We can supply all the spare parts for our lines, both on new and used machines. You will receive assistance by phone or e-mail at any time by contacting our specialized department.